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Stein Verein

Every 2nd Tuesday and 4th Wednesday

Read below for all of the details

Our Stein Verein is located at
Küsterer Brauhaus
642 Bridge Street NW,
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Membership is open to all club members through a one time purchase of glass-ware. Purchase either a beer mug or wine glass for $10. The mug/glass is yours to keep. 
Mugs/glasses will be tagged with your locker number and must be kept in the locker when not in use at Küsterer Brauhaus  or, optionally in the locker at the Latvian Hall.


Here is how it works:
Tell your server you are a member of the Edelweiss Mug Club and show your ID. Your server will check your ID against the current member list and retrieve your mug/glass. Your server will have your mug/glass filled with your beverage of choice. Drink, enjoy, and repeat (responsibly of course). When you are done, your server will take your mug/glass, have it washed, and return it to your locker.

To get you mug or wine glass:
Use the paypal checkout below or mail a check made out to the Edelweiss Club to:  Edelweiss Club, PO Box 1681, Grand Rapids, MI, 49501.  We will assign a locker and notify you.   Note:  You must be a member of the Edelweissclub to join our Stein Verein

Stein Verein