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Renewal Options for all members below

Note: To become a member, please click on the Membership page. This page is for renewals only.

Renewal fees per person are:
 Adult Membership $25 ($27 using Paypal)
 Limited Membership $10 ($11 using Paypal)
 Student membership $12.50 ($13.50 using Paypal) (Students 18 – 25)

Instruction for paying your renewal fee with your credit card or PayPal account:
Open the drop down box by clicking on the ‘v’ and choose the membership you want, click on ADD to CART and follow the on-screen instructions. To purchase multiple memberships, click on “Return to Shopping”. When you are satisfied with the content of your “Cart”, click on “Pay with debit or credit card”. A small service fee is included in the membership price.

When you  renew your membership, you may also become a member of our Stein Verein by purchasing a mug or wineglass.  just use the drop down list to select the items and add them to your cart.