Edelweiss Club of Grand Rapids


Check out some of these websites for German information, items, food or drink:

Traditional German Stories      German-American Corner 

German Club Database            German Language for Children in West MI

The Ein Prosit Band                  Alpenrose in Holland

Everything Michigan                 Bavarian Air Force 

Visit Grand Rapids                   Grand Rapids Accordion Ensemble

Austrian Society of Detroit        Harmony Hall  

Dirndls                                       More Dirndls

The following are club members:

Cedar Springs Brewing Company

Global Translation Services.  Gerhard Theophile.                                                                              Email: gerhard2232@att.net  Phone: 616.285.2476

German Retirement Consulting Agency - Christa Wolpe-Roland                                                        Email: cwroland@comcast.net. Phone: 800-999-6040


Oktoberfest 2007