Edelweiss Club of Grand Rapids



Stammtisch every second and fourth Thursday of the month from 6 to 8.

What is a Stammtisch?

A Stammtisch (German: "regular table") is a scheduled informal meeting group at a specially reserved table in a beer hall or other establishment in German-speaking Europe, which can be held on a weekly or monthly basis. The table usually has a polished sheen from frequent use, and is frequently marked off with a sign, banner, or ashtray.

In the USA it is a casual get together of like minded people for the purpose of enjoying each other's company. You can go to any small town around 9:00 AM and the local restaurant or bakery will have a table where a group of (mostly retired) people will sit around a table with a coffee mug in front of them while they discuss the days events. 

The Edelweiss club is proud to sponser three Stammtisches. Please join us when you can and wear your trachten if you own some. Be sure to check our calendar before you go in case of any last minute changes.

Location: Harmony Hall,  401 Stocking Ave, Grand Rapids  (corner of Bridge and Stocking) 


Oktoberfest 2007